Landon grew up with one foot in aviation and the other in creative/technical endeavours. Since childhood, he's been working with his father at Sarvair Helicopters. In 2005 he started an engineering apprenticeship before deciding to pursue post-secondary creative and technical studies. Landon has a post-secondary background in GIS and audio-engineering with formal education in automation. He is also an accomplished precision drone pilot, IT technician, remote-sensing technician and professional freelance photographer. Landon's wide range of experience and skills allows Sarvus to offer a variety of professional services.

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Chief Drone Pilot

Oto has a background in the Canadian Military, wildfire suppression, forestry and is our Level III first-aid. Oto grew up building computers, fixing cars and working in extreme outdoor environments. Oto is also a computer whiz and precision drone pilot with formal GIS training. His well-rounded skillset makes him an invaluable asset to Sarvus.



Head of Visual Effects

Mike has been in Visual Effects, specifically on-set, for over 20 years. He spent 14-years in the UK before being picked up by the Moving Picture Company and shipped to British Columbia to become their on-set representative for their North American productions, specializing in on-set photography and location environment shoots. He oversaw and supervised Action/2nd-units and on-location teams for various major motion pictures. Mike’s vast experience allows Sarvus to offer world-class VFX services, even in logistically challenging situations.

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Klint formed Sarvair Helicopters in 2001. In 2014 he recognized the power of unmanned technology and formed Sarvus with his son, Landon. Klint is an accomplished bush pilot, often operating in the most remote locations in Canada. Klint also provides emergency wildfire helicopter services to Western Canada with his two AS350 helicopters. Klint has worked for a variety of TV and film productions including: iMax, BC Moments and The Outdoor Channel. Klint brings his professional aviation background to Sarvus ensuring our drone services are to an aviation standard.

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